The Pain of Penciling in Eyebrows!

Microblading for HD Brows


 4 steps to creating your dream eyebrows:

1) Consultation

2) Brow Shaping

3) Color Choice

4) Creating Hairstrokes



     During the consultation, you will describe how you want your new brows to look, and more importantly, how you want to FEEL when you leave The Beauty Box.


     Whether you desire brows that are elegant and natural, or brows that can rival a Kardashian’s, Highbrow Microblading can give you the look and feel you deserve.


Brow Shaping

     After the consultation, I will create your new brow shape to compliment your facial structure and features.

     You will approve the shape and make any necessary adjustments before proceeding to step 3.


Color Choice

     As your Highbrow Microblading expert I will make sure your brow color enhances your natural beauty.

     You will approve the color choice before proceeding to the last step- creating hair strokes!


Creating Hairstrokes

     The term “Microblading” is a bit deceiving, because I don’t actually cut your skin with a blade- I simply scrape the top layer of skin while simultaneously depositing color.


     I scrape the skin in a pattern that resembles your natural hair growth. Each Microblading pen is a single-use, disposable pen.


     I also use a lidocaine-based numbing cream to help with any discomfort (there’s not much discomfort!).


And because no Microblading session is complete without proper aftercare instruction, I will make sure you know exactly how to care for your new gorgeous brows! And that’s it- your new brows are complete!

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