Tips for Beautiful Skin!!

1.) Over cleansing and exfoliating the skin.

     This leads to stripping the skin of essential oils it needs to be balanced.


     It also caused premature wrinkles as it dries out the skin. In oilier skin the skin will start over producing oil to compensate for the lack of it on the surface.


     Oil is not your culprit, balancing and using the right products are key.





2.) For going removing makeup before bed.


     Makeup holds onto dirt, oil, and dead skin cells which can clog and enlarge pores, not to mention deepen your wrinkles!


     Leftover eyeshadow or mascara can get tapped in the hair follicles and cause styes around the eye, not to mention an infection.



3.) Neglecting to wear sunscreen.


     Sunscreen should be an essential skin staple, just like flour is in the kitchen.


     You may not be out in the sun and don’t think you need spf, but driving to and from work and the daily exposure of the sun even if you are not getting “burnt” does age you.


Protect yourself daily from the UVA Ray, that causes aging.

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