New Announcement: #asklaurarackers


Hello Beautiful Friends!


So have you ever run into a Pinterest “hack” and wondered if it was ACTUALLY Okay to sleep with Vaseline on your face or Other such suggestions!?


Well If you answered yes to this questions… then you would be in the category of “most people.”



Which means that most people care enough about their skin and health to second guess sources they run into on the internet.



 So I have an IDEA! BUT I need your help!


I want to expand my ability to share my talents and knowledge about SKIN CARE, MAKEUP, HEALTH….. Now the way I’m going to do this is through a SHOW!!!!


One of the reason’s I LOVE what I do is because I get to connect with PEOPLE and I want to encourage more good on this earth!


If YOU have ANY beauty related questions Please Ask!?


I WANT to help You better understand your skin and your ability to highlight those areas that you are proud of!


Lets create a community where we can feel comfortable discussing issues about aging skin, sun damage, makeup trends ect…. 


When you have a question…. Send it my Way… I will find you on Twitter… Instagram… and Facebook. Just use the




Love You Dear Friends, Laura Rackers


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